A11 nCNC-system

Airmodus A11 nano Condensation Nucleus Counter (nCNC) is the only
commercially available measurement system for determining the
size distribution of both neutral and charged 1-4 nm aerosol particles.

The A11 nCNC-system, consisting of the A10 PSM and the A20 CPC,
helps you to detect and monitor the very smallest aerosol particles, down to 1 nm in size.
With the A11 you can observe the temporal variations of the number of sub-3 nm particles
that are not visible with other methods.
The A11 nCNC can be used to measure the activation size distribution of 1-4 nm particles,
as well as the total particle number concentration of sub-micron aerosol particles.



• Detect both electrically neutral and charged particles
− No charger or DMA in the system

• Sensitivity down to 1 nm
− High detection efficiency compared to charge based methods read more

• The cut-off can be selected by the user
− Cut-off can be changed between 1-4 nm

• Real time data inversion
− Easy to use A1X operation software for system control and data inversion

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