Airmodus A23 Condensation Particle Counter for Vehicle Emissions

A23 Condensation Particle Counter for Vehicle Emissions

Airmodus A23 Condensation Particle Counter is a user-friendly tool for all applications where counting aerosol particles larger than
23 nm is a necessity. It fulfills the requirements of the Particle Measurement Protocol (PMP) for EURO 5/6.

The A23 can be used both as a stand-alone instrument for measuring the total particle number concentration, and as a counter in different kinds of aerosol measurement systems. It is easy to use and handle. All settings can be quickly adjusted from a handy touch screen, which also displays the current concentration reading and instrument diagnostics.

A20 Condensation Particle Counter product picture


• Easy to use touch screen

• High counting accuracy in single particle counting mode.
Coincidence < 10% up to 10 000 #/cm3

• Linear concentration response also when particles are so abundant they can not be counted individually.

• The saturator is made of robust and inert stainless steel to ensure stable operation

• We value usability and design: all connections optimized for easy access

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