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The PSM 2.0: A Game-Changer in Measuring Cluster and Nucleation Mode Particles

How Airmodus revolutionized nanoparticle science with the PSM Airmodus Ltd. was originally established to bring to life a groundbreaking invention – the first-ever Particle Size Magnifier (PSM) capable of seamless 24/7 operation. In 2010, we pioneered continuous measurements of the smallest particle clusters across diverse environments, a landmark achievement that propelled scientific research forward. Our […]

“I do like particle sensors, but…”

Blog post by Joonas Vanhanen, CTO, Airmodus First published on March 8th, 2022   The more and more increasing need for better spatial understanding of aerosol particle populations have boosted the development of particle sensors. Typical lab grade aerosol instruments are just too expensive to be distributed in a way sensors can be distributed. This […]

Ultrafine particles in our homes – Airmodus Newsletter

IndoorAerosolEmissions * Exposure * Ultrafine * NucleationModeParticles * Webinars * YourResearch   Ultrafine particles in our homes   Many of us spend a lot of time at home at the moment. Does this mean we are not exposed to ultrafine particles? Not really, the HOMEChem research shows.   HOMEChem campaign investigated how everyday activities impact […]

How many nanoparticles does your car emit?

Blog post by Joonas Vanhanen, CTO, Airmodus First published January 18th 2018 on LinkedIn by J. Vanhanen Topi Rönkkö, Tampere University of Technology, together with his colleagues showed that traffic is a source for small nanoparticles (link to this study further down). They call them nano cluster aerosol (NCA). The size of these particles is […]

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