We want to be your preferred partner in aerosol measurements. Airmodus offers tools for aerosol researchers and industries dealing with aerosol particles. But not only that – we are committed to use our aerosol knowhow to help you find the right way to measure the number of submicron aerosol particles.



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Markku Kulmala

We founded Airmodus to make sure all researchers had the possibility to use the technologies utilised in my research group.

We had developed measurement methodologies to count individual aerosol particles down to 1 nm. This kind of technology was not commercially available, and thus Airmodus was founded in 2010. Since that Airmodus has developed several products to help researchers and also industries in detection of submicron aerosol particles.

Markku Kulmala

One of the founders of Airmodus • Academician, Academy Professor, Director of INAR – In­sti­tute for At­mo­spheric and Earth Sys­tem Research, University of Helsinki

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