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How Airmodus revolutionized nanoparticle science with the PSM

Airmodus Ltd. was originally established to bring to life a groundbreaking invention – the first-ever Particle Size Magnifier (PSM) capable of seamless 24/7 operation. In 2010, we pioneered continuous measurements of the smallest particle clusters across diverse environments, a landmark achievement that propelled scientific research forward. Our versatile instrument allowed precise measurements of both neutral and charged particles in the size range of 1 to 4 nm, spanning the transition from gas to particle and the initial stages of aerosol phase growth. To date, our technology’s unique capabilities have contributed to more than 100 peer-reviewed publications across fields such as atmospheric sciences and combustion engine emission research, including reputable journals like Science, Nature, and PNAS.

Over the years, we’ve closely observed how our instrument performs and adapts in various environments. Driven by our findings and continuous pursuit of innovation, we have spent recent years developing an advanced version of our groundbreaking technology. Today, we proudly introduce the PSM 2.0!

PSM 2.0: wider size range, higher sensitivity, better durability and usability

Our key objectives in designing the PSM 2.0 were twofold: to broaden the instrument’s size range without compromising its sensitivity towards the smallest clusters, and to enhance its durability and ease of use. We’ve successfully extended the size range from 1 – 4 nm to an impressive 1 – 12 nm, while significantly improving the detection efficiency for sub – 1.5 nm clusters. The PSM 2.0 stands out with increased stability, reduced working fluid consumption, and boasts automated liquid handling, superior saturated vapor control, and enhanced flow control with pressure and temperature compensation. And on top of this it performs twice as quickly in measuring the full size range in comparison to its predecessor.

Open-source data analysis fosters collaboration, transparency, and reproducibility among researchers

Excitingly, we will also be launching new data logging and data inversion software throughout 2023. The PSM inversion will be made open-source, and we encourage PSM users to contribute their own inversions and tools for the wider community to use.

With its expanded size range, the PSM 2.0 offers unmatched sensitivity in size distribution measurement of cluster and nucleation mode particles. It can accurately measure size distribution in low concentration environments such as rural ambient air and cleanrooms, where size-classifying instruments based on electrical mobility fail, right up to high concentration environments like urban ambient air.

Join us in welcoming the next generation of particle measurement – the PSM 2.0!

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