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A20-CEN Condensation Particle Counter

Airmodus Condensation Particle Counters (CPC) are designed to count individual aerosol particles accurately from very low concentrations to high concentrations.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) set the Technical Specification CEN/TS 16976:2016 for harmonizing the measurement of ultrafine particles in the atmosphere. This standard defines requirements for the CPCs which have been main focus when designing a special version, A20-CEN CPC, to Airmodus portfolio. A20-CEN CPC is fully compliant with the current CEN/TS 16976.

The A20-CEN Condensation Particle Counter is a robust and reliable tool for aerosol particle measurements in all applications where precision and sensitivity is of the essence. It is a user-friendly tool for counting aerosol particles larger than 7 nm.

For ACTRIS users; The CEN/TS 16976 recommendations for PNC measurements are obligatory within the ACTRIS-ERIC. The CEN/TS 16976 is however currently in the transition phase to become an EU-Norm, in which significant modifications of the existing CEN/TS will be implemented. The CEN working group decided to change lower detection efficiency diameter (DP50) from 7 to 10 nm for the EU-Norm to harmonize the lower end of the size range with the CEN/TS 17434 for MPSS measurements. The EU-Norm will probably not be in place before mid 2022. However, the CPCs at the National Facilities should already use a CPC with the coming up 50 % lower detection efficiency diameter of 10 nm.

Airmodus A20-CEN CPC can be ordered either with cut-off of 7 nm or 10 nm and the cut-off size can be changed in calibration.

A20 Condensation Particle Counter product picture

• Compliant with CEN/TS 16976:2016

• OPTION1: Detection efficiency of particles with cut-off DE50 = 7 nm ± 0.7 nm (DE90 <14 nm) (i.e. current CEN/TS 16976 requirement)

• OPTION2: Detection efficiency of particles with cut-off DE50 = 10 nm ± 1 nm (i.e. future CEN standard and ACTRIS requirement)

• Easy to use touch screen

• User-friendly operation software

• All connections optimized for easy access

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