Airmodus Condensation Particle Counter A30

New! A30 Condensation Particle Counter New!

Airmodus A30 Condensation Particle Counter is the latest addition to the Airmodus particle counter lineup. A compact instrument that can fulfill your ultrafine particle counting needs ranging from CEN/TS 16976:2016 compliant ambient aerosol measurements to different laboratory studies. With a small footprint and low weight, it is very suitable for different integrated systems and Airmodus supports this with fully open and flexible connectivity. Laminar flow design using butanol as working fluid for most consistent detection of different particle types.

The A30 can be used both as a stand-alone instrument for measuring the total particle number concentration, as well as the detector in various aerosol measurement systems. It is easy to use and handle. All settings can be quickly adjusted from the touch screen, which also displays the current concentration reading and instrument diagnostics.

The A30 is also compatible with the Airmodus Particle Size Magnifier A10. Use the A10 when you want to study particles as small as 1 nm!

Do you need a light weight version (<3kg) or fully integrated CPC to your measurement system? Airmodus A30 can be delivered as a customized OEM version. Ask more sales@airmodus.com


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• Wide concentration range up to 400 000 #/cm3 (single particle counting mode up to 150 000 #/cm3)

• Small footprint (-58% compared to A20!) and low weight

• Pulse quality diagnostics

• Efficient water removal function

• Good serviceability with removable saturator wick

• Detection of clogged aerosol inlet to prevent instrument failures

• Analog voltage output for external instrument control

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