A12 nCNC (PSM 2.0 + CPC)

Airmodus A12 Nano Condensation Nucleus Counter system (nCNC) measures particles as small as 1 nm in diameter. It is a complete system consisting of a particle size magnifier (PSM 2.0), a condensation particle counter (A30 CPC) and operation software. Airmodus A12 can be used to measure the total number concentration of sub-micron particles, or to learn about characteristics and dynamics of the 1-12 nm particles in real time.



• Count particles as small as 1 nm in real time

• Detect also the electrically neutral particles

• Detect nucleation in-situ as it happens

• Classify 1 – 12 nm particles into 1 – 14 bins

• Sensitive range 0 – 500 000 #/cc

See the original A11 nCNC for a comparison, the A12 nCNC is a next generation tool to measure particle growth!

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