A20 Condensation Particle Counter product picture

A20 Condensation Particle Counter

Airmodus Condensation Particle Counters are designed to count individual aerosol particles accurately from very low concentrations to high concentrations. They are ideal for ambient air monitoring as well as aerosol research.

The A20 Condensation Particle Counter is a robust and reliable tool for aerosol particle measurements in all applications where precision and sensitivity is of the essence. It is a user-friendly tool for counting aerosol particles larger than 5 nm.

A20 Condensation Particle Counter product picture


• High statistics for low concentrations: the instrument is specially designed and the sample flow is not diluted

• Accuracy for high concentrations:

− Up to 30 000#/cm3 in single-counting mode
− Up to 100 000#/cm3 with the Total Scattering Mode Correction (automatically applied)

• Easy to use touch screen

• User-friendly operation software

• All connections optimized for easy access

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