Whether you are studying ambient aerosol particles or synthetic nano particles, the scientific measurement devices of Airmodus will help you reach your research goals.

Detect nucleation when it happens

Monitor the number of particles from as small as 1-4 nm – in real time

• Observe neutral particles in addition to the charged ones

Detect the formation and growth of 1-4 nm particles

Particle Size Magnifier and Condensation particle counters:
linkkiA10 PSM
linkkiA11 nCNC-system
linkkiA20 CPC

For accurate count of individual submicron aerosol particles; from very low to high concentrations

Count the total number of sub micron particles

• Combine the Airmodus counters into particle sizing systems

Condensation particle counters:
linkkiA20 CPC
linkkiA23 CPC

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