airmodus multiCPC

Airmodus MultiCPC

Save and monitor data from multiple Airmodus particle counters with Airmodus MultiCPC

Use your CPCs for fast size distribution measurement or compare concentration data

The Airmodus MultiCPC software provides easy logging and monitoring of data from several Airmodus particle counters simultaneously. Take one look at the computer screen to see the status of your instruments and that data is being saved.


• 1 Hz data from several Airmodus instruments simultaneously

• Real-time size distributions from connected instruments with different cut-offs

• Select which data to display and save

• Plug and play—detects connected instruments automatically

Airmodus MultiCPC software

The MultiCPC software enables using several particle counters with different cut-offs—for example 1.3, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 23 nm—getting 1 Hz data of both total particle number concentrations and real-time size information, also from the fast-evolving aerosol processes.

• Save and monitor data from multiple Airmodus instruments simultaneously

• Get real-time size distributions from connected particle counters with different cut-offs—with PSM even from 1 nm

• Take one quick look to see the clear indicators for instrument status and saving data

• Use instrument nicknames for easier identification

Airmodus MultiCPC

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