Airmodus aerosol measurement devices allow you to observe the very smallest airborne particles. The Airmodus Particle Size Magnifier (PSM) grows particles as small as 1 nm in diameter into sizes detectable with a CPC, bringing the aerosol measurements down to molecular scales. The Airmodus Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) are user-friendly tools e.g. for researchers, air quality authorities and vehicle engine developers for counting sub-micron aerosol particles.

A30 Condensation Particle Counter

New compact, versatile CPC with extreme accuracy from 0 to 400 000 particles/cc!

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A20 Condensation Particle Counter

Wide single particle measurement range (0 – 30 000 #/cc) and flexible cut-off selection (3-5-7-10-15 nm)

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A20-CEN Condensation Particle Counter

CEN/TS 16976:2016 compliant (incl. ACTRIS) particle counter for ambient aerosol measurements

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Product picture PMS A10
A23 Condensation Particle Counter

For vehicle emission measurements – Choose either PMP23nm or PMP10nm calibration. Or even both in one instrument (“dualCPC“)!

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A11 nCNC-system

Activation size distribution for 1-4 nm particles. Detection of total particle number concentration with user selectable cut-off of e.g. 1.5 nm

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Product picture Particle Size Magnifier A10
A10 Particle Size Magnifier

For detection of particles
as small as 1 nm

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Airmodus multiCPC

The Airmodus MultiCPC software provides easy logging and monitoring of data from several Airmodus particle counters simultaneously.

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Airmodus AND nanoparticle diluter
 AND nanoparticle diluter

Airmodus nanoparticle diluter is a versatile aerosol dilution and sampling solution designed especially for particles starting from 1 nm in diameter

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A variety of components or consumables that can be used with the Airmodus products

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We at Airmodus believe that scientific inventions should be made available not only to the scientific community, but also to the industrial users and the air quality authorities.

If you have a challenge that involves measurement of ultrafine aerosol particles, do not hesitate to contact any of our staff – our experts are eager to help. There is also an active Particle Size Magnifier User Community; scientists helping each other and sharing their expertize. We feel privileged being a part of this Community and are happy to introduce new members!

Aki Pajunoja, CEO

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