Use the Airmodus A23 Condensation Particle Counter to determine the number of aerosol particles following the requirements by the European regulations in vehicle emissions. For R&D purposes use the Airmodus products that allow you to see even smaller particles; with certain particle filters particles smaller than 7 nm have been observed!

EURO 5/6

• Airmodus A23 CPC fulfils the requirements set for particle counters by the PMP protocol.

• Use the A23 CPC together with a Volatile Particle Remover to build a complete PMP solution.

• Count 23 nm – 2.5 micron particles

Condensation particle counter:
linkki A23 CPC

See the very low concentrations after a DPF, and individual particles up to 30 000/cm3

• Use Airmodus CPCs to accurately count the individual submicron aerosol particles; from very low to high concentrations

• Combine the Airmodus counters into particle sizing systems

Condensation particle counter:
linkki A20 CPC
linkki A23 CPC

Study the very smallest particles formed in the combustion process

• Monitor the number of particles from as small as 1-4 nm – in real time

• Observe neutral particles in addition to the charged ones

• Detect the formation and growth of 1-4 nm particles

Particle Size Magnifier and Condensation particle counters:
linkki A10 PSM
linkki A11 nCNC-system

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