AND Nanoparticle Diluter

AND Nanoparticle Diluter

Airmodus nanoparticle diluter is a versatile aerosol dilution and sampling solution designed especially for particles starting from 1 nm in diameter

The AND serves as a sample conditioning device with functionalities beyond just diluting. It is designed to be easy to use and characterized especially for the smallest particles for PSM/nCNC measurements, or for use with a CPC


• Dilution factor of 10

• Very low losses for sub-5 nm particles

• Option to remove sub-5 nm ions

• Drying the sample

• Option to check the particle counter with filtered air

• Measurement of sample RH%, temperature, pressure, flow rate

Airmodus Nanoparticle Diluter AND offers the solution to

• Diluting in high concentration environments—suitable for measurement of single digit nanoparticles

• Gently drying the sample in high RH conditions with dry dilution air

• Finding out the ratio of electrically neutral and charged particles in the sub-5 nm size range

• Automatic zero measurement regularly

• Automatic adjustment of dilution according to the measured inlet flow rate of the instrument, for example the Airmodus A10 PSM or A11 nCNC

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