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Is an online meeting lacking real connection?

Airmodus was organizing last week a PSM user meeting for all the people using the Particle Size Magnifier, and others interested in measuring the tiniest particles. Close to 30 people representing 12 different institutes had registered! User meetings are a forum for people to learn about their instrument, and get useful hints about the best practices for doing the measurements and data analysis. Here at Airmodus we believe, that when thoughts and problems are freely shared, a community can always come up with more ideas and solutions than a person working alone.

This time the meeting was virtual, so all the participants could listen and watch the talks online via their own web browser at their home countries, and share their opinions and ask questions through a chat window. Online meetings have several benefits: less time (and money) spent on travelling, less CO2 emissions. However, also less communication between the individual participants, and more time spent on solving technical problems. It’s also quite a challenge to set a time which would suit all our customers on 3 different continents.

Which one do you prefer: an online meeting or discussing in person?

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