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IMG_0834It’s the EAC time of year. The European Aerosol Conference is held in beautiful Prague this time. And we are again here at our Airmodus stand, with a bowl of sweets.

Many scientists are a bit afraid to talk to the exhibitors. Don’t be, we don’t expect that you will buy a CPC right away. You won’t sell your soul by taking a candy and not even by taking a brochure. We are also here to gather new ideas, hear what’s going on in the aerosol community, and to hear your opinions about instruments or science. That’s why we are trying to appeal to your sweet tooth.

This year our tactics is to give foreigners a memorable experience by hiding some salmiakki (=finnish salty liquorice) in our candy bowl. The kind of candy which is officially known as ‘bad candy’ among the CLOUD community. Come and try one, and change a few words with us.

P.S. we have chocolate also.

P.P.S. one person came to ask if we have mints to hide the tobacco smell. As an aerosol scientist he should know better.

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