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Preparing for my lecture course on basic aerosol physics this autumn, I was searching for any aerosol related video material online. The first challenge was to find the right keywords, which would not lead completely off topic. After trying aerosol, particle, atmosphere, cloud and different combinations of these, I realized there are very few clips available on youtube, and their quality is poor. Sadly, the existing videos also had very low number of viewers.

Science related youtube channels have become very popular lately, and I know several people who watch a few clips (about ANY topic) every evening as their bedtime story.  Elementary particle physics have loads of well-made nice looking youtube videos, with hundreds of thousands of viewers. I believe that aerosol particles would be much easier topic to understand and just as (or even more) interesting, as they are related to many everyday phenomena. Why are there no TED talks about aerosols? Have we been lazy in explaining our field to the general public?

If you know any good video material which is publicly available, please leave a comment.

A few links to you:

No particles, no fog  (which actually did not even come up in my search, but I knew it from before)

NASA GEOS aerosol optical depth (very cool, watch it in HD!)

Portrait of Prof. Markku Kulmala and his research

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