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Airmodus Oy and Karsa Oy have reached an agreement to transfer the Chemical Ionisation for Mass Spectrometery (CI) Applications business to Karsa Oy, specifically the A70 product line.


Karsa Oy is focused on commercialising CI technology originally developed at the University of Helsinki mostly for security applications and the addition of the A70 product fits well with Karsa’s core CI expertise. “Our team of world leading CI experts is striving to solve the challenging detection problems that our customers face” said H.J. Jost, CEO of Karsa Oy. “The A70 gives us another product to offer to our customers, for example in atmospheric research”. 

Airmodus Oy is a pioneer in the detection of single digit aerosol nanoparticles, using technology also originally developed at the University of Helsinki. “Our technologies were invented by atmospheric researchers to be used by atmospheric researchers. Our two focus areas have been counting aerosol particles and detecting their gas phase precursors. Now we will focus on widening the customer segments and application areas of our aerosol particle detection technologies. ” said Minna Väkevä, CEO of Airmodus.

 The terms of the deal are not disclosed.


About Airmodus Oy

Airmodus products enable the detection and monitoring of ultrafine particles and the early stages of aerosol particle formation.

Airmodus expertise serves the purposes of atmospheric sciences and aerosol research, as well as any industrial applications where nano sized particles are generated on purpose or as an unwanted by-product. Airmodus particle counters are be used to certify that a vehicle engine follows e.g. the EURO 6 or China 6 requirements, and the Airmodus 1 nm solutions as tools to develop the combustion process of an engine to get rid of particles even smaller that required by the regulations.

We at Airmodus are committed to use our aerosol knowhow to help you find the right way to measure the number of submicron aerosol particles.


About Karsa Oy

Karsa offers explosives detection solutions with very high sensitivity and specificity which revolutionise the security processes in civil aviation, being more reliable and cost efficient than current approaches. Karsa envisions to deploy its touch-less technology into all areas of aviation security: passenger checkpoints, carry on luggage, checked luggage and cargo. The Karsa innovations can be applied across industries for rapid and ultra-sensitive chemical analysis. Karsa Oy, founded in 2016, is a spin-off company supported by the University of Helsinki, international industry partners and a leading venture capital firm.


For more information please contact:
Minna Väkevä, Airmodus Oy, minna.vakeva(-)
H.J. Jost, Karsa Oy, hj.jost(-)

Karsa on twitter @karsadetection


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