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The International Conference on Aerosol Cycle – Sources, Aging, Sinks, Impacts – ICAC 2017 will be held March 21st – 23rd in Lille, France.

Topics of the conference sessions span from modeling to observation, from reactivity of aerosol precursors to climate and impacts.

Come and see the posters:

Measurement of the size distribution of nascent soot particles in premixed low sooting dlames of n-butane using a 1 nm- scanning nano condensation nucleus counter system.

Pascale Desgroux et al., University of Lille

Comparing concentrations of 1-3 nm particles indoors to outdoor measurements.

Elina Miettinen et al., Airmodus

And stop by the Envicontrol exhibition booth, our local distributor, to see the A11 nCNC! To get more information on the conference, please visit the conference website: ICAC-2017

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