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Happy blogger at the Rocky Mountains

While the rest of Finland was celebrating Midsummer, the Finnish aerosol scientists travelled to Fort Collins, Colorado, for the International Conference of Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols (ICNAA). Being the second biggest national group (after US), the Finnish aerosol scientist (although not everyone being Finnish by origin) gave altogether 24 talks, 30 posters and 1 plenary speech. Based on the conference, the hot topics in the field seemed to be: a) the CLOUD experiments, b) ice nucleation and c) nucleation theory and experiments meeting each other.

Although science was cool, the highlight of the conference was definitely the field trip to Rocky Mountains. Under a heavy layer of SPF 50+ sun screen, we enjoyed the hot climate with temperatures close to 38°C. I’m not a meteorologist, but I predict a bit cooler weather for the next ICNAA, which will be organized in Helsinki in 2017.

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