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European Aerosol Conference 2019 will take place in Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden, on 25th–30th of August.

The EAC conference is a place where aerosol scientists from all over the world gather to discuss and share their work, and learn from the work of other aerosol enthusiasts. The variety of topics is exciting—indoor and outdoor aerosols, sources and health effects, theoretical and experimental aspects, physics and chemistry, and so on.

Make a note in your calendar for the session Fundamental processes in combustion and transport related aerosol (O2_F3_T), on Monday 26th, so you don’t miss Joonas Vanhanen’s talk Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Emission Study Showing High Number Concentrations of Non-volatile Sub – 3nm Aerosol Particles (O2_F3_T05, in F3, at 16:10).

We’re always looking forward to the EAC, and this year even more so—stop by our exhibition booth to get the latest news!

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