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The International Societies of Exposure Science (ISES) and Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) organise the joint conference The built, natural, and social environments: impacts on exposures, health and well-being, in Kaunas, Lithuania on August 18th–22nd, 2019.

Discussion topics at the conference include for example sources and emissions or air pollutants, exposure and risk assessment, health and wellbeing, communication and policy.

Should you have any questions about measuring nanoparticles in the built or natural environments, Minna Väkevä from Airmodus will be at the conference ready to discuss all things aerosol, and how aerosol particles relate to all the conference topics.

Program tip: Talk by M. E. Vance (University of Colorado Boulder) on Wednesday at 11:30 in the Amphitheatre, on House Observations of Microbial and Environmental Chemistry (HOMEChem): Insights into Particulate Matter Concentrations and Exposure

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