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Airmodus announces the appointment of Dr. Aki Pajunoja as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Press release, Helsinki, 27 August 2021

Airmodus warmly welcomes Dr. Aki Pajunoja

Pajunoja has a broad experience within aerosol science, ambient monitoring, measurement technologies and emission aftertreatment systems. His convincing business and leadership skills Pajunoja has gained in sports and event industry.

The last 3 years he has worked as a data analytics team lead in Agco Power Oy, a subsidiary of AGCO Corporation. Pajunoja holds a Master of Science degree (MSc, tech) in Tampere University of Technology and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in University of Eastern Finland.

“I am very excited about joining the team. Airmodus has high quality product offering and very capable team with excellent knowhow, so I could not have been given a better starting point as a new CEO. I am looking forward to developing the company further and I want to thank former CEO Minna Väkevä for her commitment and hard work to bring the company where it is today”, says Aki Pajunoja.

“We are so happy to announce that Aki will join Airmodus. Aki has proven track-record in the field of aerosol physics and its industrial applications. He has a great attitude paired with a positive mindset and strong result orientation. Aki’s energy and ambition mean that we are able to solve our customer challenges even better in the future” says Chair of the Board in Airmodus, Mari Silvennoinen.

”I’m thrilled Aki will take the lead of Airmodus” says Minna Väkevä the current CEO, “his innovative approach to sales and marketing combined with his people skills ensure we will hear a lot about Airmodus in the future”

Pajunoja will take up the position of CEO of Airmodus on 12th October 2021.


About Airmodus:

Airmodus offers unique solutions to universities and research institutes for the detection of as small as 1 nm aerosol particles, niche certification instruments for vehicle industry, and ultrafine aerosol particle monitoring systems for air quality monitoring networks.

Airmodus is committed to use its aerosol knowhow to help customers find the right way to measure the number of submicron aerosol particles. The Company was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2010 and is headquartered in Helsinki. Airmodus has distributors in 19 countries.

Airmodus was founded by Scientists to offer niche measurement solutions to other Scientists. Over time Airmodus has evolved into a company that serves also research institutes and private laboratories, R&D and certification departments of companies, and authorities and service providers monitoring ambient air.

“We founded Airmodus to make sure all researchers had the possibility to use the technologies utilised in my research group.” Says Markku Kulmala, one of the founders of Airmodus, Academician, Academy Professor, Director of INAR – In­sti­tute for At­mo­spheric and Earth Sys­tem Research, at University of Helsinki, Finland

Airmodus products enable the counting of fine, i.e. smaller than 2.5 micrometres, and ultrafine, i.e. smaller than 100 nm, aerosol particles. The patented PSM technology is used to detect the early stages of aerosol particle formation and the growth of the formed particles, i.e. particles as small as 1 nm. In addition to scientific purposes such nanoparticles are important in many industrial applications where nano sized aerosol particles are generated on purpose or as unwanted by-products when products are used or manufactured.

Why is it important to detect the smallest aerosol particles: Ultrafine particles are a risk to our health, they influence climate and even weather, and can harm industrial processes. To be able to control and reduce particle emissions it is crucial to know where, when and how the particles are  formed. Airmodus instruments have been used to e.g. prove that in addition to the burning fuel also the lubricants in the cylinders of vehicle engines produce nano particles, as do car brakes, kitchen gas stoves, and the use of many cleaning detergents.

“It’s the small things that count!”


For more information, please contact

Chair of the Board Mari Silvennoinen
CEO Aki Pajunoja
CEO Minna Väkevä

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